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Let’s talk about karate&health protection.Karate is a martial art characterized by self-defense and attacks by individuals using the extremities of the arms and legs.The dominant motor skills in karate sports are endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility, and because of the very nature of sport, injuries in karate sport are very common.

EDUKA is the project 🇪🇺co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union🇪🇺 that focuses on the prevention and protection against sports injuries and health risks, the improvement and maintenance of health care, functional and motor skills of karate players.Activities are about to start so stay tuned!🤸#ErasmusPlus#EUSport#EDUKA#VereMontis

Move at home

Dances at home in family gatherings Goal is to provide activities at home in family gatherings •Dances – basic moves •Tradicional dances (slavonsko kolo, kukunjesce) •Modern dances (disco fox, salsa, cumbia, cha cha) •Popular song dances (if you’re happy, head and shoulders…)


We only have ONE HOME. Let’s do all we can for it. What is plogging and why should you try it?Plogging is a sustainable initiative invented in Sweden which combines sports like jogging with caring for the environment. The idea of this sustainable initiative is simplicity itself: the participants, ‘ploggers‘, take to the streets withContinue reading “Plogging”

Who we are?

NGO VERE MONTIS was founded with the aims of: Promotion of civil society and human rights with a focus on sports and activities related to sport and sports education. Sustainable development of physical education and sport. Development, implementation and coordination of national and international projects and programs for the development of sport and physical education.Continue reading “Who we are?”

Vere Montis team

Leading team members: Vera Mance Vera Mance, president of VERE MONTIS, a physical education teacher with more than 40 years of experience in sports campaigns. She was the general secretary of Rijeka Sport’s Association, a member of the Croatian Olympic Committee, participated as a member of many working groups for the Ministry of sport. SheContinue reading “Vere Montis team”

Vere Montis activities

Our main working topic of VERE MONTIS are: healthy lifestyle (for both physical and mental health), creativity and sports, boost youth employment through the empowerment of youth population, protection of the environment, promotion of democracy and social participation and fighting against oppression (racism, sexism, etc.). As one young organization and newcomer to Erasmus+ world, weContinue reading “Vere Montis activities”

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