Vere Montis team

Leading team members:

Vera Mance

Vera Mance, president of VERE MONTIS, a physical education teacher with more than 40 years of experience in sports campaigns. She was the general secretary of Rijeka Sport’s Association, a member of the Croatian Olympic Committee, participated as a member of many working groups for the Ministry of sport. She participated as a leading manager in all
major international sports events, European and World competitions held in Rijeka and Croatia from 1980. till 2015.
Now working as a project manager and implemented more than 30 projects funded by EU regarding sports, promotion of healthy lifestyle, anti-doping initiative, youth exchanges, dual careers, protecting athletes, mobility of administration staff, volunteering, promotion of traditional sport and games, mobility of coaches, good governance in sport, fight against
corruption, the involvement of vulnerable groups and people with disability, gender equality, etc

Bisera Karanović, PhD
▪ Organization of all academic affairs: admissions, calendar, exams, syllabi, teaching, tenures, council;
▪ Monitoring of quality assurance, ESG and ISO;
▪ Coordination of all activities for initial accreditation of MBA program with Agency of Higher Education;
▪ Coordination of all activities for an external audit of the entire institution with the Agency of Higher Education;
▪ Organisation of all internationalization activities: incoming/outgoing mobilities, classes in English;

▪ Design, writing and submission of Erasmus+ strategic partnerships (awarded 8 per annum);
▪ Submission and awarding of Erasmus+ Charter for National Consortium in Higher Education.

Sanja Varaklić
Project Manager (Responsible for the daily implementation and management of EU funded projects, monitoring the overall progress regarding milestones and deliverables under supervision of project coordinator, operationalization and timing of all activities in the projects (project meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, training courses, project outputs, etc.), identification of any unanticipated risks, acting as the center of communication between all internal and external stakeholders (project partners, European Commission, a national agency, etc.), preparation of the interim and final reports, writing project proposals, submitting project proposals, intellectual outputs expert, etc.).
Managing and coordinating numerous Erasmus+ Sport, KA1 and KA2 projects regarding sports, promotion of healthy lifestyle, anti-doping initiatives, youth exchanges, equality in
sport, dual careers, mobility of administration staff in sports organizations, good governance in sport, protecting athletes, promotion of traditional sports and games, etc.

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